A Punk Jacket Fit For A Princess

Some time ago, I began working on another jacket for my (then) two-year-old niece, Mia. Decorating the jacket itself didn't really take much time at all (child's size jackets don't usually take more than a few days to finish), but I had to wait on the delivery of one of the patches before I could truly call it complete. Besides, I've often found it's the labours of love that go by quickest and easiest, no matter how intricate or monotonous the task needed to complete it.

The jacket is essentially the same as the child sized jacket I shared on here a while ago, but with artwork and patches better suited for a girl.

Niki and I had given Mia a Hello Kitty and the Mad Barbarians stuffed doll the year before and it seemed like the perfect artwork to pair up with a jacket designed for a tiny punk princess.

There is another full-sized jacket in the works right now, but it's nowhere near complete yet. Once I do finish it up though, I'll be sure to post pictures of the end result.

In the meantime of course, there's always the other examples in the Apparel section of the DE/VL Design website.


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