First and First - The Nexus Of The Universe

One of the funniest moments on the TV show Seinfeld (of so many funny moments) is when Kramer gets lost downtown in the episode "The Maid." He calls Jerry from a payphone at the corner of First Avenue and First Street and says he must be at the "Nexus of the Universe." Hilarious.

When Niki and I had visited 2 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in midtown Manhattan (referred to in The Dark Tower series as the "Nexus of Time and Size"), we were continuing our first New York City adventure further south later that same day and we decided to start at 1st and 1st to pay tribute to this other famous "New York Nexus" located in the East Village.

Ironically, shortly after this we traveled west to Greenwich Village, where we had the chance to see 177a Bleecker Street, the fictional home of Marvel Comics hero Dr. Strange, which is also known as the "Nexus of All Realities." So there you have it, one city, one day, three Nexus' . . . or would that be Nexi? Does this mean that Manhattan is the "Nexus of Nexuses?" Or maybe it should just be Nexus³ . . .

Argh, my head hurts.


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