Fully Metal Jackets

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadian DE/VL lovers out there!

While I try to complete my latest creepy creation by Halloween - an anniversary gift for my darling demoness Niki - here's some pics of a couple of metal/punk jackets that I recently completed.

The first is a full-sized jacket for a friend who had been asking me for years to make one for him. I'd put it off and put it off and then, once I finally broke down and got to work cutting fabric, sewing patches, painting panels and punching metal studs, what resulted was a finished jacket that looked so amazing that it broke my heart to let it go.

When it came time to re-outfit our good friends' two-year-old son with a new toddler-sized jacket (just after he was born, I'd made an infant-sized one that he'd long since grown out of), I borrowed some of the elements from the full-sized jacket, making it spooky looking, but still managing to keep it kid friendly. Here's what the final product ended up looking like:

I'm always working on one or two jackets, so there'll be more posted in the future and you can find more examples in the Apparel section of the DE/VL Design website.


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