2011 Toronto Zombie Walk!

Even though Niki and I attended last year's Toronto Zombie Walk - and inducted a few fresh corpses into the horde in the process, this year felt like the true follow up to 2009's TZW.

As you may recall, it was at that Zombie Walk that Adam Invader proposed to TZW founder Thea Munster. We chatted them up last year at a Danzig show in Buffalo, NY and they said they were trying to find the time to plan the wedding while also juggling Zombie Walk responsibilities, well it seems they decided to split the difference and compromise by making their nuptials the centre-piece and opening kick-off to this year's Walk!

It was only a few minutes past 2pm when creepy organ music filled the air of Trinity-Bellwoods Park - both the starting and finishing point of this year's Walk - and six sombre-faced pall-bearers loaded a coffin onto the stage. It was then that Thea - a vision of grace and purity . . . or rather make that gross putridity - rose from the casket and proceeded with the scare-emony.

Once the bouquet was thrown to the slavering mob of undead brides milling about the foot of the stage, various prizes were handed out and the severed head was quickly tossed to start the Walk (a tradition begun by last year's honorary Grand Marshal: GWAR's Oderus Urungus).

And then it was time for Toronto to once again shiver in the grip of a 7000+ swarm of the walking dead . . .

Of course, these are just a few of the zombies that caught our eye, if you'd like to see more be sure to check out Flickr and The Official Toronto Zombie Walk Group on Facebook.


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