Happy Halloweek DE/VL worshippers!

Greetings to all of DE/VL's legion of followers,

Halloween is soon to be upon us, but the fun has already started. This past weekend saw the 2009 Toronto Zombie Walk lurch through the streets and DE/VL was there keeping it creepy! Over 3,000 shuffling corpses were in attendance and everyone had a great time. A big thanks to the organizers for making it happen and congrats to founder/organizer Thea Munster who was attacked by a ring-bearing zombie wanting her hand . . . in marriage, that is. Here's to hoping their after-life together will be full of joy, happiness and, of course, braaaiiinnnsss.

Here's some of our favorite zombies that we saw:

For more photos, check out The Official Toronto Zombie Walk Group on Facebook.


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