The Quest for the Dark Tower Pt. 12: The New York Plaza-Park Hyatt

***Spoiler warning! Though I've made every attempt to avoid giving away key plot points during this quest, it's still very possible that information discussed herein may spoil a new reader's experience, so consider yourself warned! ***

In book six of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, Susannah travels to Midtown New York in the spring of 1999 using the Unfound Door, a magic portal that can only be opened with the crystal ball or Bend O' the Rainbow known as Black Thirteen. Once there, she finds a scrimshaw carving of a turtle in a hidden pocket of the drawstring bowling bag being used to carry Black Thirteen.

Holding the scrimshaw turtle, Susannah inadvertently mesmerizes an unsuspecting passerby. Needing a place to clean up and regain her bearings, she uses the turtle's suggestive power to convince a UN ambassador's aide to book her a room at the the New York Plaza-Park Hyatt, located on 46th Street and First Avenue.

As Susannah enters the lobby of the the hotel she thinks that, aside from St. Patrick's Cathedral, she had never seen such a beautiful room.

Walking up to the front desk, Susannah notices a sign stating:


In fact, in our own where and when, the New York Plaza-Park Hyatt has since been renamed the Millennium U.N. Plaza Hotel and isn't located on 46th street, but on 44th.

At the front desk Susannah once again relies on the hypnotic power of the turtle - or sköldpadda - to convince the clerk on duty of her identity. Holding up one of her Oriza throwing plates, she convinces the woman behind the counter that it is her driver's license. Once she's checked in and has her room key, Susannah quickly takes the elevator up to her room.

In the book, Susannah's room is said to be on the nineteenth floor, but in reality the hotel's rooms don't even begin until the thirtieth floor. So the view we had out our hotel room window was a bit higher up than what Susannah would have seen, but it still offered a fantastic view of all the buildings in and around the Turtle Bay area.

That includes the Trump World Tower, which while not part of the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, is right next to it and may have been Sai King's inspiration for the 99-storey tower that 2 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza is described as in Book VII.

Aside from the spectacular view, the room itself was also very nice. I highly recommend the Millennium U.N. Plaza Hotel to anyone who would be staying in New York, whether they are Dark Tower fans looking to experience a little bit of the quest or just New York bound and looking for that perfect place to stay in Manhattan.

Long days, pleasant nights!


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