The Quest for the Dark Tower Pt. 11: The Doors of Fifth Avenue

***Spoiler warning! Though I've made every attempt to avoid giving away key plot points during this quest, it's still very possible that information discussed herein may spoil a new reader's experience, so consider yourself warned! ***

Before I begin this week's leg of the quest, I thought I'd just mention that these chapters of mine are based on personal photos, memorabilia and experiences while researching many of the different aspects of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, so there are times when I skip over large portions of the story. For those looking for a more linear experience detailing Roland's quest without needing to read the books themselves, I highly recommend Suzanne Johnson's A Read of the Dark Tower on Tor.com.

The weekly feature is a chapter by chapter breakdown of the entire DT series . . . but be warned, it is an extremely long journey. After ten months, Ms. Johnson's weekly coverage has only brought her to about three quarters of the way through The Waste Lands, meaning that it will likely be another two to three years before the entire read-through is complete, especially once the new book, The Wind Through The Keyhole is added into the mix. Nevertheless, it's very insightful and any reader of the series would benefit greatly by following along.

And with that said, now back to my own quest for the Dark Tower:

At the beginning of Book VI: Song of Susannah, Jake is called upon to use his unique ability, known among gunslingers as "the touch," to open yet another mystical door between worlds. As Jake tries to open the Unfound Door with nothing other than his mind and the help of the mystic folk known as the Manni and their Branni Bob, he tries visualizing doors of all kinds. All the doors he was obsessed with when he was trying to get back to Mid-World, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, kitchen doors, closet doors, cloakroom doors . . . even the Robert Heinlein book The Door Into Summer.

As Jake concentrates harder he envisions all the doors on both sides of Fifth Avenue between Forty-eighth and Sixtieth opening all at once . . .



Bergdorf Goodman!


The Sherry Netherland Hotel!

Jake sees thousands of doors along an endless hallway which he instantly knows to be in the Pentagon and imagines them all swinging open, creating a hurricane draft. Then suddenly the Unfound Door opens to New York in 1999 and sweeps both Jake, Oy and the fallen priest, Pere Callahan into it before closing quickly, reopening on another time and place and yanking Eddie and Roland in . . .

Long days, pleasant nights!


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