When Hell Freezes Over . . .

A little while ago, I posted some pictures of the Devil's Punchbowl and I've been waiting for the weather to turn cold (it's been especially warm through the first half of the season) so that Niki and I could revisit to get some photos of the Punchbowl during the winter months.

Last week, while on a day trip to Stoney Creek, we finally got our chance . . .

The parking lot was closed, so we had to settle for pulling off to the side of the road and taking a little stroll through the snow, but there were several other people doing the same so it didn't seem to be a problem.

Once we reached the cliff's edge, sure enough it looked like hell had frozen over, looking much like Dante's experience in the ninth circle of hell when face to face with the great Adversary himself:

'Under each face two monstrous wings were spread,
Proportionate to such a monstrous bird:
I never saw sails on the sea so broad.

They were not feathered, but of such a kind
As bats have - and the fiend was beating them
So that he blew at once three blasts of wind:

And hence Cocytus is all frozen over.
With six eyes he was weeping; down three chins
The tears were dripping, mixed with bloody slaver.'

- Inferno, Canto XXXIV, lines 46-54


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