Tombstone Tuesday!

Sadly, this week's tombstone is fresh and comes from our own backyard.

The day after South Park aired it's "Bass to Mouth" episode last month, I happened to notice one particular squirrel on our street had a distinctive mottling to the new winter coat that was growing in. Between the striking new coat and the hilariously memorable South Park episode the night before, I instantly decided to dub this squirrel "Wikileaks." Unfortunately, I discovered Wikileaks in front of our driveway last Tuesday around 6 pm, obviously struck by a passing car. It had happened within the hour since I had just been out tossing peanuts to all the squirrels that nest in our front tree. Feeling somewhat responsible (if not for the nuts I'd thrown, Wiki might not have been anywhere near), I thought it was only right to give the poor guy a proper and respectful send-off.

R.I.P. Wikileaks and stay tombed!


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